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The Abh mod was the first functional mod created for Cosmoteer and one of the largest in its time.


History & Version History

Version 0.1

The mod was originally created for Cosmoteer 0.9.13 and completed in October/November 2016. At the time mod support did not exist nor did folder support of any kind. In order to use the mod the game's configuration files had to be modified. The author deemed these difficult tasks to be beyond acceptable and it was decided not to release the mod and put it on hold. When it was announced that Cosmoteer 0.11.3 would introduce new effects it was decided to release the mod for prosperity, and for those unable to run the newer versions. Pre-release images.[1][2][3]

Version 0.1a (2017 May 04)

Transition version to Cosmoteer 0.11.3

Version 0.2 (2017 May 05)

Compatible with Cosmoteer version 0.11.5.

Version 0.3 (2017 May 07)

Compatible with Cosmoteer v.0.11.6

Version 0.3.9WIP (2017 May 20)

Compatible with Cosmoteer v.0.11.7 to 0.11.9 Cosmoteer 0.11.7 finally introduced mod folder support and major scripting changes. These changes were too extensive and it was decided to discontinue support for earlier versions.

Version 0.4.0 (2017 May 28)

Compatible with Cosmoteer v.0.11.10. The mod reached 99 part milestone.

Version 0.4.2 (2017 June 3)

Version 0.4.3 (2017 June 11)

Compatible with Cosmoteer v.0.11.11. Technically compatible with v.0.11.10 but requires backward editing. As Cosmoteer did not truly employ mirroring parts, parts relying on the function would cause a crash if they had a door connected to another part. When flipped the door gets disjointed and caused a check error leading to the crash. This was the first major problem encountered by the mod.

Version 0.4.4 (2017 July 11)

Compatible with Cosmoteer 0.12 to 0.12.6. Cosmoteer introduced fire, (armor) wedge 1x2 parts and numerous scripting changes. As a result the armor 2x1 part was retired from the mod in favor of the vanilla part.

Version 0.4.5 (2017 July 21)

Compatible with Cosmoteer 0.12 to 0.12.8. It's not compatible with Cosmoteer 0.12.9. Unlocks all lower technology levels to higher technology levels at high initial price. Unlocking cockpits not included it offers 195 parts.

Version 0.4.6

Version 0.4.6 RC1 (2017 July 21)

Compatible with Cosmoteer 0.12 to 0.12.8. Partly compatible with Cosmoteer 0.12.9. It introduces new faction menus for better technology level / faction handling. New UI controls allowing certain parts like the Tractor Beam, Small Tractor Beam or the Antiproton Cannon to offer two firing modes.

Version 0.4.6 RC2 (Release Candidate 2): (2017 August 6)

ship classes/tech level

Tentatively adapted for Cosmoteer 0.12.10RC2. No longer 100% compatible with previous Cosmoteer versions. All technology levels unlocked into ship class factions. 211+ parts.

Version 0.4.6 RC3 (Release Candidate 3): (2017 August 13)

Fully adapted for Cosmoteer version 0.12.10RC2. 215+ parts.

Version 0.4.6 RC4 (Release Candidate) (2017 August 15)

Adapted for Cosmoteer version 0.12.10RC3. 220+ parts.

Version 0.4.6 (2017 August 18)

Adapted for Cosmoteer version 0.12.10. No longer compatible with previous Cosmoteer versions. 227+ parts.

Technology level controversy

Originally the mod was intended to introduce technology levels. However, as this was an unsupported exploit the author deemed it too early. Also the author supported open experimentation and building and was principally against restrictions. As the mod was distributed it soon became clear players were abusing the mod. Ship design suffered as players using the mod purely relied on the improved parts without regard to other ship systems. Complains about the easiness and no-difficulty nature of the mod reached the author. While working on fixing some minor graphic errors, unnecessary typecategories and other minor improvements it was decided to introduce technology level after all.

The technology level feature required prerequisites for the use of parts. Mostly only the control room for the specific technology level was required. However, many players found this confusing and too difficult. Part of the problem was some players didn't read posted explanation while others didn't waste time experimenting or looking at the obvious control room placed within each technology level group. As such problems and gamer complains mounted the author was asked to provide an FAQ. It was decided to use the Cosmoteer wiki as the central hub to provide detailed information and resolve these issues.

Version 0.4.7 (2017 August 25)

For Cosmoteer version 0.12.10. Optimization version, saving 8.5% disc space (22.5 MB, less than vanilla), saving ~80% UI memory resulting in faster loading. Reorganized Ship class UI. 239+ parts.

Version 0.4.8 (2017 September 13)

For Cosmoteer version 0.12.11-0.12.12 which introduces main game folder from anywhere in preparation for Steam mod conformity. This change makes the mod incompatible with all previous game version. Partially optimized version. 284+ parts.

Version 0.4.9 (2017 September 28)

For Cosmoteer version 0.12.12. Some parts requiring enemies around adapted to the new autofire feature. 303+ parts.

Version 0.5.0 (2017 October 13)

For Cosmoteer version 0.12.12. Adding doors for ships, bases etc. 328+ parts. As the author went on a hiatus. This version was made compatible with Cosmoteer 0.14.0 and its RC versions and consequently renamed 0.5.1 and 0.5.2. They are interim version. The original 0.5.0 was subsequently made compatible with Cosmoteer 0.13.7 to 0.13.9. It received backward fixes in preparation for a smoother transition toward Cosmoteer 0.14.0 as it serves as the base.

Version 0.5.1

Possible expanded 0.5.0 version aimed at keeping support for pre-Cosmoteer 0.14.0 versions namely 0.13.9. Its future depends on demand.

Version 0.5.2

Interim transition version of 0.5.0 for compatibility with Cosmoteer 0.14.0. As Cosmoteer revamped the whole code and function system it is another complete rewrite of the mod. The transition was eased by using an upgrader tool v7. However, a lot remained faulty requiring detailed care. Due to the nature of this version and the buggy nature of Cosmoteer 0.14.0 it is considered a work in process (WIP).

Version 0.5.3

Originally planned 0.5.1 version with true Cosmoteer 0.14.1 compatibility.

Version 0.5.3 RC1 (2018 June 2)

Preliminary conversion for Cosmoteer 0.14.0 compatibility. Energy supply system rewritten. Buffs added.

Version 0.5.3 RC1.1 (2018 June 3)

Conversion of 0.5.3 RC1 for Cosmoteer 0.14.1 RC1 compatibility. Energy supply system rewritten.

Version 0.5.3 RC1.2 (2018 June 6)

Conversion of 0.5.3 RC1 for Cosmoteer 0.14.1 RC3 compatibility. Not compatible with Cosmoteer 0.14.0. Torpedo system rewritten

Version 0.5.3 RC2 (2018 June 13)

Conversion for Cosmoteer 0.14.1 compatibility. Not compatible with Cosmoteer 0.14.0. Thruster systems rewritten.

Version 0.5.3 RC3 (2018 June 16)

Conversion for Cosmoteer 0.14.1 compatibility. Not compatible with Cosmoteer 0.14.0. Hangar parts added

Version 0.5.3 RC3.5 (2018 July 11)

Conversion for Cosmoteer 0.14.1 compatibility. Not compatible with Cosmoteer 0.14.0. General rewrites. Energy supply system rewritten.

Version 0.5.3 RC3.6 (2018 June 20)

Conversion for Cosmoteer 0.14.2 and 0.14.3 compatibility. Not compatible with Cosmoteer 0.14.1. Energy supply system rewritten.

Version 0.5.3 RC3.7 (2018 August 18)

Conversion for Cosmoteer 0.14.3 compatibility. Not compatible with Cosmoteer 0.14.2. In an attempt to reduce lag the mod received improved efficiency and converted to use less memory. Energy supply system improved.

Version 0.5.3 RC4 (2018 August 18)

Conversion for Cosmoteer 0.14.3 compatibility. Not compatible with Cosmoteer 0.14.2. This is an optimized and progressive version.

Version 0.6.0 (2018 September 18)

Conversion for Cosmoteer 0.14.4 compatibility. Not compatible with Cosmoteer 0.14.3. Renamed to avoid confusion and to reflect the progress. 600 part milestone reached.

Version 0.6.1 (2019 February 21)

Conversion for Cosmoteer 0.14.5-0.14.6 compatibility. This is a classic compatibility version released out of order due to popular demand. The objective of this release is to help players migrate their ships build with earlier mod versions. This should ease rebuilding with the fully compatible version as it is expected to render many parts incompatible due to numerous component and mechanics changes.

Version 0.6.2 (2019 March 24)

Adaptation for Cosmoteer 0.14.5-0.14.6 compatibility. This is early release as Cosmoteer 0.14.7 was about to be released with mod breaking changes. Aside from parts being merged, and function upgrades to existing parts a few new mechanics have been added: modular compound bridge parts and ship construction with shipyard parts.

Version 0.6.3 (2019 March 31)

Adaptation of 0.6.0 for Cosmoteer 0.14.7 and 0.14.7a compatibility. Minor changes and adjustments due to new Stats information display features. Torpedo effects temporary downgraded due to effects bug in 0.14.7.

Version 0.6.4 (2019 April 12)

Improvement and adaptation of 0.6.3 for Cosmoteer 0.14.8 compatibility. Compatible with 0.14.9. It's not compatible with earlier Cosmoteer version. Vanilla sensor array buffing and extensions temporary disabled due to overwrite conflict with other mods e.g. GCW mod.

Version 0.6.5 (2019 May 14)

For Cosmoteer version 0.14.10, released after six days of WIP release. After years, long awaited roof turret expansion, recently further delayed by 4 months due to new bi-weekly release schedule. Compatible with 0.14.11.

Version 0.6.6 (2019 May 24)

For Cosmoteer version 0.14.11; not compatible with previous versions due to direct control adjustments with the new game feature. Released with 699 parts after a week of WIP release.

Version 0.6.7 (2019 June 11)

For Cosmoteer version 0.14.12 to 0.14.15; not compatible with previous versions due to code syntax name changes. Released after a week of WIP release. This version marks the change to the light version as the main release version while the full version becomes an optional download. To re-enable ship classes the alternative mod.txt has to replace the standard mod.txt. The decision was made based on the double and triple RAM memory usage increase of the game compared to last years 0.14.4 version. Game bugs due to the recent fast development pacing have been accumulated, especially for mod only used functions, are plaguing the mod.

Version 0.6.8 (2019 July 6)

For Cosmoteer version 0.14.12 to 0.14.15; not compatible with previous versions due to code syntax name changes. This version adds some long awaited and announced : dedidated bridges for the higher Tech level and some more. These have been neglected due to low priority and simple because there aren't anymore functions they could offer. Game bugs due to the recent fast development pacing have been accumulated, especially for mod only used functions, are plaguing the mod. As Abh is virtually the only mod challenging the limits of the game this issue is unique and there's no expectation this will be fixed any time soon.

Version 0.6.9 (2019 August 11)

Originally released as WIP a month earlier during that time it was compatible to Cosmoteer version 0.14.12 to 0.14.15. On release it was made compatible with Cosmoteer 0.15.0 to 0.15.2. At this point it is no longer compatible with any previous Cosmoteer version! The release was delayed due to another failed attempt at completing bio armor as planned a year earlier but the game would still crash for the same reasons. Instead laser reflective armor was added along with the first aquatic parts (and crew).

Version 0.7.0 (2019 October 6)

It was compatible to Cosmoteer version 0.15.3 to 0.15.5. It adds a few new parts, requested features and marks the beginning of a new overhaul phase.

Version 0.7.1 (2019 November 11)

Originally planned for 0.15.4 but delayed due to a number of game bugs that weren't fixed still on release and basically delayed planned code changes. It was compatible to Cosmoteer (0.15.3 to) 0.15.15. It represents the mid overhaul phase and is slightly more efficient. Ship classes can now be easily re-activated by uncommenting the //&<mod_ship_classes.txt>/Actions line in mod.txt. Just remove the "//" at the beginning of the line.

Version 0.7.2 (2019 December ongoing)

Originally planned for 0.15.5 but ultimately supports 0.15.10. It was originally planned to introduce major new parts like the compound variable thruster and new revolutionary systems like modular turrets. Although, prototypes have been completed in mid 2019 spritting and ongoing game development, compatibility issues and game bugs have brought progress to a near halt. As such this version of the mod experienced delays even nothing really new was added. In late January 2020, the announcement of major changes to the released version of the game caused a change to the development plan and release further delaying it.

Version 0.7.2 WIP (2019 December 4th)

A WIP was released on December 4th for Cosmoteer 0.15.5 with said parts to testers. However, other major and more advanced modular turret parts were held back as the creator was indecisive whether to release them with Abh or the VariTech mod. As Cosmoteer 0.15.6 was released a WIP0 was released on January 19th. It was subsequently developed into RC1 and released on January 26th. However, Cosmoteer 0.15.6 and 0.15.6a soon showed major instability with Abh and others leading to random as well as and consistent but unknown crashes. As a consequent the creator decided to upgrade the December WIP to the latest mod standard as RC1 in order to use the mod with Cosmoteer 0.15.5d minus mentioned crashes. In the following week, the current Cosmoteer was rebranded to Cosmoteer Classic and it was made known the released Cosmoteer would receive graphical, part and balance changes. Facing such changes among others, the creator decided to delay full version releases until further notice.

Version 0.7.2 RC1 (2020 January 26)

An RC1 was released on January 26th for Cosmoteer 0.15.6. However, new changes in 0.15.6 turned out to be majorly sources of game bugs leading to a multitude of crashes which would not be fixed until 0.15.10. This version literally became abandoned.

Version 0.7.2 RC2 (2020 June 20)

An RC2 was released for Cosmoteer 0.15.10a due to game bugs but works for 0.15.10 still. Incompatible with earlier game versions. Further, Cosmoteer 0.15.7 introduced minor but significant feature and changes to the buffing and AmmoProxy system. Both of which were extensively exploited in Abh and the VariTech mod requiring major changes. Not only that but due changes to the AmmoProxy system, now requiring invasive changes to serviced parts, some major system parts were rendered inoperable due to in-feasibility of invasive changes. Due to the long on-going development and consequent delay of the VariTech mod upgrade, the author decided to unlock and move parts meant for the VariTech mod to Abh.

Version 0.7.2 (2020 July 24)

The full version was released for Cosmoteer 0.15.10a but in a temporary state. Incompatible with earlier game versions. The reason being game bugs and a messed up vanilla code with ReceivableBuffs. The actua preferred version is Cosmoteer 0.15.10b+.

Version (2020 August 15)

Released for Cosmoteer 0.15.10a. By request early unlocking of compound engineering parts, and Qol improvements.

Version (2020 August 19)

Released for Cosmoteer 0.15.10a. Further expansion of the compound engineering parts and supporting aesthetic hybrid parts, and Qol improvements.

Version (2020 August 30)

Released for Cosmoteer 0.15.11. Incompatible with earlier game versions.

Version early WIP (2020 September 16)

Released for Cosmoteer 0.15.11a. Incompatible with earlier game versions. Hotfix release due to uploading/updating problem of the to mediafire, and development changes requiring a fresh version.

Version 0.7.3 to 0.7.9

Due to delays with 0.7.2 and the amount of work necessary to bring the code base up to standard and quality, and due to the upcoming steam release version of the game it was decided to reserve these versions for quality of life and maintenance purposes for the classic version of the game or any advancement or expansion deemed necessary.

Version 0.8.x+

Version 0.8.0 will be the starting point for compatibility with the game's steam release version. Versions 0.8.x are planned to bring the mod up to standard and quality as well as introducing modular turrets. Variable wings might be introduced if the game's steam version doesn't introduce hinges yet at which point they would become obsolete.


Technology level prerequisites

In order to use parts from a technology level the specific control room in that level has to be present. 'Technology level 1' has three control room, each one represents a sub group within the technology level. Some parts like the Phaser Lance, a long range weapon, requires sensors in order to be able to shoot at maximum range. Other parts like Astro Carthography require sensor to be present. Parts like the State Room/Admiral's Cabin or the Captain's Quaters and the Officer Cabin/Captain's Cabin are forming an escalator system. This means smaller ship cannot feature the larger rooms without being out of place. Larger ship can build a chain of command in this manner.


Drones are not supported by the game and their realization is purely an exploit. As such drones cannot be launched but must by build like any other part. However, drones can operate independently. This means a drone can be spawned as a single ship all by itself.


Cosmoteer version adaptations

Changes due to new parts not included.

  • From 0.9.13 to 0.10.x ~2 script-code changes resulting in numerous edits
  • From 0.10 to 0.11.3 ~12 script-code changes and other changes resulting in ~3000 changes
  • From 0.11.3 0.11.10 ~14 script-code changes resulting in ~1500+ changes
  • From 011.10 to 0.12 ~5 script code changes; shot file format change; wall corners code unlocked; new rectangle, internal & external wall code, resulting in 50000+ new code lines, 2000+ code line changes
  • From 0.12.10 to 0.12.11 base path change resulting in 4000 path changes, 1000 new code lines or changes
  • 0.12.12 Autofire adapted for geoponic parts
  • 0.13.0_rc1, at least 217 parts required code update.
  • 0.14.0 estimated number of hands-down edits required 50-70000.


This only reflects a fraction of the Cosmoteer player base. As of 16th September 2020

  • v0.1 3890 downloads
  • v0.1a 1375 downloads
  • v0.3 703 downloads
  • v0.3.9 310 downloads
    • v0.3.9WIP 882 downloads
  • v0.4.3 933 downloads
  • v0.4.4 2335 downloads
  • v0.4.5 4976 downloads
  • v0.4.6 1519 downloads
    • v0.4.6RC1 1881 downloads
    • v0.4.6RC2 7246 downloads
    • v0.4.6RC3 406 downloads
    • v0.4.6RC4 377 downloads
  • v0.4.7 3744 downloads
  • v0.4.8 3385 downloads
  • v0.4.9 1473 downloads
  • v0.5.0 4867+735 downloads
  • v0.5.2 3573 downloads
  • v0.5.3
    • v0.5.3RC1 246 downloads
      • v0.5.3RC1.1 91 downloads
      • v0.5.3RC1.2 233 downloads
    • v0.5.3RC2 278 downloads
    • v0.5.3RC3 847 downloads
      • v0.5.3RC3.5 415+4 downloads
      • v0.5.3RC3.6 1379 downloads
      • v0.5.3RC3.7 1233 downloads
    • v0.5.3RC4 832 downloads
  • v0.6.0 4142 downloads
    • v0.6.1 901 downloads
    • v0.6.2 280 downloads
    • v0.6.3 682 downloads
    • v0.6.4 895 downloads
    • v0.6.5 897 downloads
    • v0.6.6 676 downloads
    • v0.6.7 1301 downloads
    • v0.6.8 816 downloads
    • v0.6.9 1051 downloads
  • v0.7.0 1521 downloads
  • v0.7.1 1536 downloads
  • v0.7.2 795 downloads
    • v0.7.2 WIP (0.15.5)871 (0.15.6)181 downloads
    • v0.7.2 RC1 2856 downloads
    • v0.7.2 RC2 1221 downloads
    • v0.7.2.5 148 downloads; upload problem with mediafire led to unaccounted numbers on other sites
    • v0.7.2.6 134 downloads; upload problem with mediafire led to unaccounted numbers on other sites
    • v0.7.2.7 117+263+? downloads; upload problem with mediafire led to unaccounted numbers on other sites
  • v0.7.2.8
    • v0.7.2.8WIP 123+516+ downloads; upload problem with mediafire led to unaccounted numbers on other sites

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