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The Abh Computer Core 2 was introduced in 0.5.3RC2. It is currently has limited game support and is very experimental. Therefore most of the function do not work yet. Like the Abh Computer Core 1 it will have multiple working modes and some. Currently it's venturing in other areas and alternative working methods and is very experimental.


The computer core offer multiple working modes: Command and Control, the same as a control room; System control, automation to reduce crew; Signal processing, buffs sensor and communication; Electronic Warfare, interferes with enemy control systems; ECM, interferes with enemy weapon systems; Engineering, buffs construx reactor small and other future engineering related parts. When the ship's control room are destroyed or stop working it will automatically switch to Command and Control mode. As of Cosmoteer 0.14.1RC5 this auto-command switch feature exists but isn't working. Currently, none of the other features are supported by the game.


Simply place it. No extra care is needed.

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