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The Warp Cores were introduced in 0.4.0. As of version 0.5.2 (original 0.5.1) it can be repaired with repair tool kits supplied by the Damage Control Station Hub or Emergency Locker. As of version 0.5.3 it can buff engines and it can be buffed by the Nacelle Control Room, Warp Coils.


This 3x3 part was created with the combined abilities of reactors and FTL drives. Despite its size it produces plasma batteries at 0.5 seconds compared to vanilla's 0.66 seconds, a 32% increase. An area based sizing would have resulted in an increase of (9/4)=2.25 or even (3^3/2^3)=3.375 in a volumetric increase with no advantages involved. It stores 24 batteries compared to vanilla's 8, a (24/9)/(8/4)=1.3_ higher space efficiency, necessary for the FTL component. The FTL component requires 17 batteries compared to vanilla's 16. Therefore, when FTL is on it's actual reservoir is limited to just 7 batteries. JumpEfficiencyDistanceRange is 10 compared to vanilla's 5, covering an area 4 times larger but for the same jump distance of 30. As such fuel capacity is 450 compared to 100. This part was created before vanilla FTL received more advantageous adjustments. At this time of writing the vanilla' FTL efficiency and fuel consumption has been increased and lowered respectively.


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