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The modular Compound Engineering system was introduced in 0.7.2+. It's similar to the modular compound bridge system but more advanced, complex and covering different machinery. Due to requests it was added and released earlier than planned.


The other compound systems within the mod parts within the system will form one room when place next to each other. As the system covers more than one type of machinery the only way to keep the rooms separated is by placing vanilla corridor parts in between.

The basic part of the system is its own corridor floor part similar to the compound bridge system.

The difference is that machinery parts within this system require a number of control points. These control points are provided with compound engineering station/consoles like the compound engineering control station(s)/console(s) and one compound chief engineer control station/console. These can be used with all machinery types.

For balance reasons the engineering stations require at least one chief engineering station. Each station provides different amounts of control points for different sized or location (which can be set for many). The chief engineering station provides a more generous sized area and range but offers mediocre control points.

Building recommendations

  • Place it in groups.



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