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The Compound Hybrid Armor was introduced in as complement to the mini-series of compound engineering part system.


It's a hybrid armor part for use which has the non-armor part be various floor types or structure. This allows them to blend into their respective floor types or structure.

The floor type, structure and roof type can be selected and set by UI buttons.

Note: These parts are meant to merge with the parts from the compound engineering part system. They are meant to merge with vanilla corridors. Please use the complementary Hull Hybrid Armor on the other side which do merge with vanilla corridors.

There are currently:

  • compound_hybrid_armor_05
  • compound_hybrid_armor_025
  • compound_hybrid_armor_round_wedge1x2p1 left and right versions
  • compound_hybrid_armor_round_wedge1x2p2 left and right versions
  • compound_hybrid_armor_round_wedge2x2p1Inv left and right versions
  • compound_hybrid_armor_round_wedge2x2p2 left and right versions
  • compound_hybrid_armor_wedge
  • compound_hybrid_armor_wedge1x2p1 left and right versions
  • compound_hybrid_armor_wedge1x2p2 left and right versions
  • compound_hybrid_armor_wedge1x3p1 left and right versions
  • compound_hybrid_armor_wedge1x3p2 left and right versions
  • compound_hybrid_armor_wedge1x3p3 left and right versions

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