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The Construction Repair Station was introduced in 0.6.2.


This part is a shipyard part. As such it requires its structures to be extended before construction or repair work can commence. This part was released as part of the station and shipyard building effort. While ordinary repair parts have a certain range or are unable to penetrate into a ship (or will over penetrate) this part covers a whole ship thanks to its structures. This makes constructing a whole ship possible.


It requires power. First choose the size of the shipyards area. Then extend the structures. Only after the structures are in place can construction or repair be activated. Retracting the structures will automatically shut any construction or repair work down. As a safety select the Off state in the structure popup button list.

To construct a ship it has to have a "blueprint" which has to be placed within the working area. Currently only vanilla parts are supported for constructions. Armor and structure parts are no supported as they are not necessarily a product of a shipyard.

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