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The Construx Reactor Small was introduced in 0.5.3 RC3.6.


The construx reactor small can chain for an increased output of 20%. It's output can also be buffed by plasma injectors. When chained with many construx reactors a cascade buff will be applied if a computer core is set to engineering mode.


Place it next to other construx reactors and within range of a computer core. Then connect it to an energy network via plasma node and or plasma distributor and Supply Corridor.

Building recommendations

* Protect it with armor parts.


  • Abh 0.7.2 for Cosmoteer 0.15.10. The reactors pool their energy storages among themselves with adjacent construx reactors. This allows larger clusters with greater depth to be useful then previously possible. It is also no longer necessary to put a Plasma Distributor inside a sub-cluster. However, having many plasma distributors would increase energy flow to the ship.