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Part information


crew move speed:

Abh 0.7.2 RC2

DPS against shields:
DPS against hull:
DPS against armour:
area damage:
part power drain:
area power drain:
fire chance:

The Cosmo Torpedo Tube was created by request for 0.7.2 RC2 to cover the lack of a simple torpedo tube.


The Cosmo Torpedo Tube is a torpedo launcher.


This part can be build internally.

It has three work modes: auto(matic), attack and defense mode.

In attack mode it can be set to use three types of torpedoes: HE torpedo, spatial torpedo, and photonic torpedo. The HE torpedo is double as strong as vanilla's HE missile. The spatial torpedo requires power and directs its power toward the front. The photonic torpedo requires antimatter.

In defense mode it fires a small barrier torpedo. The barrier torpedo will deploy a temporary shield barrier at a distance and fixed to the location. The barrier can orient itself if needed. It can stop a shot up to a certain power and can absorb a certain number of hits.

It requires missile parts, and depending on torpedo types requires power and or antimatter.

Building recommendations

  • Build like any other internal weapon part.

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