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The Deflector Shield R25A135F was introduced in version 0.4.0.


This 3x3 part was created with shield arc of 25 tile-unite radius and an arc of 135 degrees covering the front section. The area covered by the shield is (((135/360)*25)/((90/360)*10))*2π = 3.75 larger than the vanilla shield. Therefore, the energy drain should have been 3.75*100=375. However, due to the projection distance between the shield generator and the actual shield field, the power law would have demanded another increase of (25/10)^3=15.625. In order for being playable the power drain was set to 500. AmmoDrainPerDamage remained the same as the vanilla shield at 0.5. With 12 batteries compared to vanilla's 6 at disposal, the part's space efficiency is (12/9)/(6/4)= 0.8_ is less. However, the shield will last ((2/1)/(500/375)) = 1.5 longer under comparative setup and full scale barrage. Yet, these points mean in a comparative space limited setup the shield would offer little advantage over the vanilla shield.


Build it like a vanilla shield only inside the ship.

As of 0.6.2 the shield can be switched to be invisible.

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