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Part information


crew move speed:


DPS against shields:
DPS against hull:
DPS against armour:
area damage:
part power drain:
area power drain:
fire chance:

The Demolition Bomb was introduced in It was added as part of the modular part expansion.


As the use of existing Explosive Bolt, Explosive Charge, and reactors as bombs are not effective there had always been a desire for a more powerful exploding part.


Aside from ordinary explosion it also generates fragments which can damage nearby ships.

The destructive power do stack within a range of 6.

Building recommendations

  • As the destructive power stack it's best to build them close to each other or at least within their range of 6.
  • Despite the limited clustering range this means the maximum destructive power can be as high as (3200%) for the center part. For best result it's best to detonate the center bomb only.

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