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The Docking Reload Station and Docking Reload Port was introduced in 0.4.9 to provide a means to dock and re-supply a drone or a ship.


Abh UI Supply Transfer-on.png
Abh UI Supply Transfer-off.png

By default the docking parts are turned off. When turned on a low power tractor beam will be activated which will move a drone or ship to dock. Due to the weak beam and AI trying to keep a distance to avoid collision, docking ships should be very close before activating the docking procedure. Also it might be helpful to turn some thrusters off. As supplying requires a large amount of material it is turned off by default. This also prevents accidental resupplying enemy ships. Currently, plasma batteries, antimatter, water, and bullets can be supplied by these parts.

Building recommendations

  • Building it on the outer hull and leave enough space free for the intended ships requiring docking. Use shields as a means or protection.
  • Build fire blocking bulkheads as a means to control the flow of supplies.


  • 0.6.2 Ammo type selection has been merged into one popup listing. A target reticle circle has been added as visual aid.

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