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The Ejection Bench was introduced in 0.6.4. It was originally meant for the VariTech transformation mod which had fallen into a dormant development state due to game bugs preventing it from being realized and completed. However, due to recent events of major game code changes and the newly established 2-week release schedule of Cosmoteer it was decided to move it into Abh. This is also part of the effort of using common resources.


This crew part can launch Drop Suit on one side.


The bench is a crew part and comes with 3 crews. It can launch up to 2 Drop Suit on one side. Note: For the crew to access and man the drop suit a door must be build. To launch just activate the ejection button. Try not to launch when crew are moving about as that could lead to a crash. It's very unlikely but it's possible to happen. An arrow in blue print mode will mark the launching side and direction.

Building recommendations

  • Build like other crew parts but with the launching side on the outside. Do not block the launching side if you intend to launch drop suits. At least leave 2 tiles of space above for maneuvering.

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