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The Electron Laser Turret was introduced in 0.6.7. It was added as part of the roof turret conversion and expansion process.


The electron laser turret is a laser that is based on electron induced lasing. It can change its color instantly. By constantly changing it's wavelength it can adjust to the targets material and choose the ideal absorption wavelength to transfer energy the most. Also by shifting wavelength it can adjust to the vaporizing cloud. This advantages increased its effectiveness compared to ordinary laser of the same power class.

Like most Abh defense turrets it has multi directional firing ports. It's a rotary turret.


It can serve as PD or antiship turret. This can be set by the preference UI buttons for attack, defense or both. It requires power and Tech1Group2 control room. It can be buffed by the electron laser accelerator system starting with the Electron Laser Source.

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