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The Escape Pod Berth 1 was introduced in version 0.4.5 to be used as a hangar for the Escape Pod 1. It's designed to be launched by an Explosive Bolt.


Build the escape pod berth by attaching it to an explosive bolt. The escape pod must not be connected to anything else or it will remain stuck by that connection. A door must be placed to allow the crew to access it. When the explosive bolt explodes it will destroy the berth and launch the escape pod within. If a crew is not present when the escape pod is launched it will remain inactive. In this case go the the repair menu, repair it and hire a crew. The escape pod will remain fully operational for about 30 seconds of flight time before running out of power.

Building recommendations

  • As the escape pod consumes energy constantly using the escape pod berth will prevent this from occurring. After all escape pod has batteries installed for emergencies.
  • Chaining explosive bolts will allow the escape pod from launching passively (without manual switching), earlier and safely.