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The Ether Graviton Drive was introduced in 0.4.8. It was planned for a later version but was moved ahead due to increased request for more powerful thrusters.


It's an internal thruster part with multiple vactors.


By employing and manipulating energy from and to ether, the ether graviton drive provides FTL and sublight propulsion. As a gravity drive it can move the ship in any direction.

Building recommendations


  • Abh long overdue rebalance change; reduced efficient ratio from 4.16_ to 3 and adjusted to new vanilla efficiency resulting in increased thruster force from 6000 to ~21333. Cost efficiency reduced to 20% resulting in decreased cost from 100000 to 48000. Fuel consumption efficiency increased 3 fold resulting in increased fuel usage from 800 to ~4266. Battery storage increased accordingly from 16 to 86 batteries.

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