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The Explosive Bolt was introduced in version 0.4.5 to be used for launching escape pods. It's designed to explode and launch attached parts via an impulse force. It's also designed to be switched on.


As of mod version 0.4.6 explosive bolt can be switched on to immediately explode. By default it is turned off. To switch it on select the explosive bolt and click on its power button. However, this only will work if an enemy ship is around. Otherwise it will explode when being destroyed. Unlike other mod solution this dual function guaranties its working even if there was not enough time for the player to react to the situation.

Building recommendations

  • In order to launch a part the explosive bolt should be the only connecting part to the part that is to be launched.
  • Explosive bolts can be chained for a chain reaction. However, only a maximum number of three can be chained. Anymore parts will remain intact in the chain reaction. * This will allow the escape pod from launching passively (without manual switching), earlier and safely.
  • Armor parts will reduce it's explosive power. It is not recommended to sandwitch the explosive bolt that is directly connected to the escape pod/berth.