Abh mod/Feather Antimatter Water-Fusion Thruster 3x1

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The Feather Antimatter Water-Fusion Thruster 3x1 was introduced in 0.4.3. It uses mainly water fusion which can be spiked with antimatter for more thrust. As early the Cosmoteer game did not support multi fuel use it was decided to keep it simple.


It requires power.


  • As of 0.5.3 RC1 it can be buffed by vanilla's engine room.
  • As of 0.5.3 RC2 it can be buffed by the engine room, warp coils and plasma injectors.
  • As of 0.5.3 RC3.5 it can be further buffed by cooling systems.
  • WIP3, visual options for rounded form that's compatible with the Ring Thrusters.

Building recommendations

  • Build like any other vanilla thruster.

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