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Added in Update:

Abh 0.5.3 RC4

The Firefly Missile Launcher was introduced in 0.5.3 RC4.


Firefly missile firing.png

The firefly missile launcher fire the firefly attack missile. The missile has two working modes:

  • an attack mode where it fires laser shot at the target before hitting it
  • a warp mode where it warps randomly to ambush and fire at the target before hitting it


Firefly missile launcher mode auto.png
Firefly missile launcher mode attack.png
Firefly missile launcher mode warp.png

The launcher requires missile parts and power to charge the missile's rapid laser cannon. The launcher is set to automatic by default. In this mode the launcher will alternately fire the firefly missile in attack and warp mode. The mode can be switched to fire the missile in either mode only if desired.

For effective use the missile should be fired at range as it requires a safe distance for warp.

Building recommendations

  • An effective attack based on the missile only requires two launchers.
  • Side placement is advantageous for close range combat.

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