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The Fusion Reactor was introduced in 0.6.6. It was introduced as part of the internal impulse drive system.


The fusion reactor is an ordinary reactor which can be spiked with antimatter for more power. It can be used to create an impulse drive.


The reactor can be used alone like any reactor but also can be used to build an internal impulse drive : Impulse Drive Control Unit or Impulse Engine Room, Impulse Thruster.

When connected in an impulse drive setup it will no longer provide power to the outside. In order to tap into its power use Plasma Nodes. Antimatter and Plasma Injector can spike or increase its output. However antimatter is not necessary which is represented by the yellow warning indicator icon.

Any number of reactors can be connected and combined into the impulse drive. See arrow in blueprint mode for connecting direction. However, anymore than 30 reactors will be wasted as the Impulse Thruster won't be able to handle the plasma flow. 3000% is the limit. The roof can be visually customized to roughly display an impulse's exhaust shape. This feature unifies the need for 144 shape parts into one for a less smoother look.

Adjacent reactors will be buffed as they share and improve each other. Plasma injectors, cooling and engineering Computer Core can further improve power production.


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