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The Geoponic Park was introduced in 0.4.8. It's a set of parts which can be used to build hydroponics or parks and the like. Parts can be arrange to from a dome inside or outside the ship.


These parts require a lot of water provided by the Water Condenser or the Water Supply 1 or Water Tanks. They also require a lot of time to grow the soil and plants.

Wheat Field

Introduced in 0.5.0, this geoponic part allow wheat to be grown and produce seeds. Seeds can be stored in the Seed Bank. This part requires more water and time to growth and produce wheat bushels. In the future the seeds could be used as the basis for food.

Building recommendations


  • As of 0.7.1 stream/river and path way parts have been merged for convenience while offering more connectivity with each other. Lakes can be created. Demand for water has been reduced for the n-th time. Lawn and tree parts have also been merged with graphical options to change to the desired appearance.

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