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Part information


crew move speed:

Abh RC1

DPS against shields:
DPS against hull:
DPS against armour:
area damage:
part power drain:
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fire chance:

The Gluon Cannon was unlocked in RC1. It was one of the original idea before the existence of the mod which ,however, couldn't be created due to lack of supporting features and possibility of a modular build. Ultimately this led to the interim creation of the Gluon Cannon Turret. Although, the key feature was still not available it was possible to simulate it using intensive explosion features. However, development was delayed due to difficulties with Cosmoteer 0.15.0. Its blueprint was used to create the Onager super weapons and the Malevolence's mega_ion_impulse_cannon in the Star Wars: A Cosmos Divided 0.3.7.


Abh0729rc1 gluon cannon.png

The gluon weapon is a universe weapon which applies gluon physics for decomposing matter.


It requires power. It's designed as modular system but a full scale build is not necessary to use and fire the weapon. It's just weaker without. The general modular build setup is: Gluon cannon -> Compression Coil -> Bottling Field Section. The Compression Coil holds the charge and with each additional section buffs the shot's power The Bottling Field Section extends and reinforces the shot's containment for greater range. Its buffing depends on its distance to then next modular element (below it).

Building recommendations

  • Build like any modular gun but the order must be kept: Gluon cannon -> Compression Coil -> Bottling Field Section.


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