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The Grappler Arm 1 was introduced in 0.6.4. It was originally meant for the VariTech transformation mod which had fallen into a dormant development state due to game bugs preventing it from being realized and completed. However, due to recent events of major game code changes and the newly established 2-week release schedule of Cosmoteer it was decided to move it into Abh. This is also part of the effort of using common resources.


This part has a grappler arm which can attach to a ship.


By default it's deactivated for safety. Activate it in order to use it. To use it on a ship use the targeting button and click on any part of the target ship. Once the "hands" have penetrated the target ship click on the mooring button. This will lock the target ship to the arms. To release the target ship simple toggle the mooring button. With Cosmoteer 0.14.6+ friendly ships can be targeted.

Building recommendations

  • Build it on the outside with ample space to allow the arms to reach its target. The arms can move 180 degrees or reach 90 degrees to each side.

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