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Abh 0.4.6 RC3


The Gravity Mine Launcher was introduced in 0.4.6RC3. It was meant for a later version but was moved ahead due to request.


The gravity mine is a multi stage weapon that is launched toward enemy forces. When activated it first will generate a gravity field which attracts enemy ships to get as many in range as possible. After spending a set amount of energy into its gravity field and after a set time it will detonate. The damage is done by what energy remained in its power core and the release of the energy stored in its gravity field. As the field releases its energy a reverse force is applied to ships in the area of effect. Ships will be pushed away.


It requires missile parts. It can be given a target. It tracks its target and it can be targeted. It has a set timer to ensure it won't become a hazard. It has a long range of 600 but is very slow and usually fired at 300.


As of Cosmoteer 0.14.11 it can also affect bullets, missiles, and laser.

Building recommendations

  • Preferable build it at the front arc. As it is slow the firing ship could hit it in the course of combat.