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The Joint Single 1x4 was introduced in 0.7.2. It was unplanned and only added by request for convenience and to simplify the process of creating a joint which would otherwise require a Hangar anchor part, Ejection Tube 1x1, Nozzle Guard and Teleconnect Force.


This joint single 1x4 has a single bearing joint with enough space to encase it on both sides or build intricate curvatures.


Blueprint save option.png

Blueprint mode is essential for various reasons. The round bearing end is meant to be encased in order to be held. The base of the part is marked by the arrow.

There are options to give the base 1x1 section a roof, and options to give it visible structure or hangar floors up to the bearing.

Since the constructions are not direction connected on the grid the whole setup can only be saved in and as blueprint. Also building must be done while paused. Otherwise it is necessary to connect the moving sections and release them with Explosive Charge or Explosive Bolt or Ejection Tube 1x1 depending on the desired damage or not at all.

Building recommendations

  • Due to collision precision the actual effect is more like a point collision instead of the actual size of the joint. Therefore, there's a lot of play for the joint to move around. In order to prevent the simulation from running and disjointing the setup everything has to be build while paused. And then saved in blueprint mode. Painting has to be done for each individual part. Also preferable while paused.
  • Use Abh's aesthetic armor or hull parts to encase the bearing joint or the joint base.
  • You can build numerous variations of double or dual joints or even multi joints by placing the joints back to back or reversed facing or side to side or in any combination for more complex moveable parts.


  • Abh Added an option to release the joint connection.

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