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Part information

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Added in Update:

Abh 0.6.9

The Laser Reflective Armor was introduced in 0.6.9.


The armor reflects laser blaster shots while taking only 10% damage. It also reflects ion beams while taking about 50% damage. The beam's damage after reflection is reduced to 50%. It cannot reflect phaser beams due to different physics. As it can redirect energy it has higher energy resistance than normal armor. It's made of hard crystal metamaterial. It's lighter but more brittle than normal armor. Its mass is about 70% and its health about 80% compared to normal armor. It offers 80% more persistence against laser and 33% against ion beams.


Used the same way as other armor parts. In order to reflect laser and ion beam the armor cannot be painted.

Building recommendations

  • It's not as good as normal armor against other weapons. It's recommended to augment defense with normal armor beneath it.

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