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The Medium Antimatter Water-Fusion Thruster II or Medium Anti-Hydrogen-Fusion Thruster II was introduced in 0.4.9 to provide a more powerful version of the standard version. As Cosmoteer 0.14.2 introduced the Boost Thruster, the Large Antimatter Water-Fusion Thruster II's was rewritten with the new vanilla code.


By using a new nuzzle design the new thruster can run cooler or at the same temperature employ more thrust. As a result the thruster can be used in afterburner mode. In this mode more water is directed through the core creating more thrust.


Abh UI Afterburn-on.png
Abh UI Afterburn-off.png

Be default afterburner mode is turned off. When turned on afterburner can be used for 20-30 s (previously 1 minute) (given enough energy supply). Afterwards, the thruster will turn into cooldown mode. Cooldown mode lasts 20 seconds (previously 2 minutes) before the afterburner can be used again. Small time and power indicators in these modes allow a means of timed control. However, for some reason the indicators don't work in a timely matter as designed.

Timing has been reduced in order to be able to compete with the sustained boost of vanilla since 0.14.2+.

Building recommendations

  • Building it like any thruster.

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