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Abh 0.4.6 RC1

The Small Rounds Factory was introduced with 0.4.6 RC1. It was created to complement the Nuclear Detonation Drive.


It's a simple ammo factory.


It uses nuclear explosion and their blast wave to ride on. There's no direct player control over the thruster. The AI has full control. This may result in uncontrolled flight especially for small and light ships as the blast force is considerable.

Building recommendations

  • Build it with the prohibited area as the thrusting direction. A certain amount of free space has to be left or the explosion will destroy parts build there. The game engine does not distribute the blast force evenly so the ship might sling a bit. For directional control powerful thrusters should be build to counter.

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Update History

  • 0.7.1 production rate was decreased from 0.5 s to 0.75 s. It was originally 2x longer than vanilla's ammo_supply/ammo_factory but missed out on adjustments when vanilla changed.