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The Plasma Distributor Node was introduced in 0.5.3RC3.5 (formerly 0.5.1). It offers long-range power distribution for larger ships and represents the primary high power line.


The plasma distributor node is a node in the primary network. It receives power from the plasma distributor and other plasma distributor nodes or any other means of power transfer. It pumps power directly to another plasma distributor node at a range of 20 tiles ahead. It can supply adjacent supply corridors or power storages or other means of power transfer for local power distribution. It does not transfer toward the bottom. This is to avoid a back flow. It can only transfer plasma batteries.


Place the plasma distributor node at a distance of 20 tiles above a plasma distributor or plasma distributor node. Note the arrow in blueprint mode for direction.

Building recommendations

  • In order to distribute power to the local area it must be connected to the secondary system. To do that place supply corridors or plasma nodes adjacent to it. Note the arrow in blueprint mode for power flow direction.
  • A plasma node can only be used at the bottom if a back flow is desired. Or if it is meant to be an end point simply place it in reverse direction.