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Part information

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Added in Update:

Abh 0.7.2 RC1

The Plasma Driver was originally created for 0.7.2 WIP but delayed due to buff problem to 0.7.2 RC1. It's a part of the compound variable thruster system similar to the previous impulse drive system.


The Plasma Driver is a buffing part for the Variable Plasma Thruster for large ships.


Like the railgun's accelerator and the impulse driver system, it buffs the Variable Plasma Thruster with each part. It can be buffed like other thrusters with engine rooms, cooling systems, plasma injectors etc. which sill stack along the buff it provides.

It can be toggled to serve a along its length or toward the side. The setting must match the Variable Plasma Thruster's setting for proper buffing. Each part buffs the thruster by 100% when having the same orientation and facing in the same direction. See arrow in blueprint mode. It can buff adjacent Plasma Drivers on the sides by 25%.

It can be directly connected to a reactor for fast power supplying. As it can only fetch power from one reactor having more won't give it more power. It will pass power along to the drivers and thruster in the chain.

It requires power.

known issues with Cosmoteer 0.15.6/0.15.6a

  • Due to a buff bug with variable buffing the amount of buff received will not show up.

Building recommendations

  • It best and most powerful when build together with Polywell Fusion Reactor, Variable Plasma Thruster, and other thruster buffing parts.
  • For maximum efficiency you can have Vertical and Horizontal set drivers adjacent to each other for different directional thrust.

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