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Part information

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Added in Update:

Abh 0.7.2 RC1

The Polywell Fusion Reactor was originally created for 0.7.2 WIP but delayed due to buff problem to 0.7.2 RC1. It's a part of the compound variable thruster system similar to the previous impulse drive system.


The Polywell Fusion Reactor is a reactor and buffing part for the Variable Plasma Thruster for large ships. But it can function independly as a normal reactor. It provides up to two batteries for each pickup.


Like the modular impulse drive system the reactor can serve as a main power source for the compound variable thruster system. It should always be place at the starting end. When a Plasma Driver is attached it will automatically fetch power from the reactor. Any number of Plasma Drivers can be attached and each one would fetch power. In theory it can be used as a core for a setup with thrusters in all four directions but it likely will get drained fast.

It can be buffed like other power parts with cooling systems, plasma injectors etc.

It gives a 30% plasma buff.

Building recommendations

  • It best when build together with Plasma Driver, Variable Plasma Thruster, and other thruster buffing parts.

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