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Abh 0.5.3 RC1

The Regenerative Shield R25A135F was introduced in version 0.5.3RC1. It was originally designed as a cascading and charging part but was change to the buff features offered with Cosmoteer 0.14.0. As of WIP1 renamed Regenerative Shield.


The regenerative shield can regenerate. As regeneration would overload it it is limited to operate when the shield is at low power. When the low power threshold has is reach it switches over to regeneration mode. In this mode the shield would slowly regenerate and can also convert some damage energy to power itself.


Build it like a vanilla shield only inside the ship.

As of WIP1 the part has become customize-able and replaced most of the existing deflector shields. You can now set the shield size, the shield angle, and if need be adjust the distance by -1 to close any possible gap. The shield angles are currently fixed at 5 degrees intervals. The reason being simplicity and consistent precision.


  • As of 0.6.2 the shield can be switched to be invisible.
  • As of 0.6.5 the shield can idle when at full power and consumes half as much. It automatically return to full consumption as soon as power level drops. This simulates charging and persistence.
  • As of WIP1 the majority of Deflector Shield parts have been merged into this part.

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