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The Repair was introduced in 0.4.8. It uses a repair beam to repair parts of the ship from the outside.


Abh UI-Repair-on.png
Abh UI-Repair-off.png

Due to the repair beam being able to repair the enemy, the repair beam is turned off by default. To turn it on the drone must be selected and the repair button toggle to on. Note, the repair beam can only be used with enemies nearby. This will be changed when new feature offer independent use. As the AI cannot be ordered to target friendlies, the drone has to be maneuvered by hand onto position and the right facing in order to repair desired parts.

Building recommendations

As of Cosmoteer 0.12.11, selected parts can be self-destructed.

  • Connect the drone to the ship with a corridor or structure part. Then the drone can be separated by self-destructing the part.
  • Connect the drone with with a corridor or structure part that is connected to an Explosive Bolt. Detonating the explosive bolt will set the drone free.

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