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Abh 0.3.9

The SIF Generator 1 was introduced sometime in 0.3.9.


This 1x1 part was created with shield arc of 5.2 tile-unite radius and an arc of 86 degrees covering the front section. The area covered by the shield is (((86/360)*5.2)/((90/360)*10))*2π = 0.4968_ smaller than the vanilla shield. Therefore, the energy drain should have been .4968*100=50. However, due to the shield's specific use as Structural Integrity Shield (SIF) its use was aimed at stabilizing the hull. A such demand is far lower, and the power drain was set at 25. In return it fares bad against weapons fire where its ``AmmoDrainPerDamage`` is set at 1.2 or 2.4 times the vanilla shield. Spamming the part will not result in any advantages.


It's an internal shield with 3 access doors. They require power and relatively the same as vanilla but weaker. However, due to their small battery storage they tend to recharge faster.

As of WIP1 the part has become customize-able and replaced the SIF generator 2, too. You can now set the shield angle, and if need be adjust the distance by -1 to close any possible gap. The shield angles are currently fixed at 5 degrees intervals. The reason being simplicity and consistent precision.


  • As of it has been merged with the SIF Generator 2. Shield angle and distance can be adjusted to a certain amount.

Building recommendations

  • Build it like other shields and internal parts.
  • It can be stacked but they are no better in strength than a full vanilla shield.

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