Abh mod/SIF Generator 1

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This 1x1 part was created with shield arc of 5.2 tile-unite radius and an arc of 86 degrees, and placed at 45 degrees covering the corner section. The area covered by the shield is (((86/360)*5.2)/((90/360)*10))*2π = 0.4968_ smaller than the vanilla shield. Therefore, the energy drain should have been .4968*100=50. However, due to the shield's specific use as Structural Integrity Shield (SIF) its use was aimed at stabilizing the hull. A such demand is far lower, and the power drain was set at 25. In return it fares bad against weapons fire where its ``AmmoDrainPerDamage`` is set at 1.2 or 2.4 times the vanilla shield. Spamming the part will not result in any advantages.