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The Supply Corridor was introduced in 0.5.3RC1. It was created to support the mod's specific supply needs. It represents a local power distribution or secondary power network. It is currently undergoing changes to new features offered in 0.14.0 and 0.14.1.


The supply corridor is an automated distribution system for batteries, water and antimatter. Crew can directly take supplies from it if necessary.


Use blue print mode to see the directional arrows. The simple arrow indicates the direction from which it should be connected and supplied. How and from where it's being supplied does not matter. The ordinary visual 4-way part supplies to the front in all 3 direction ahead. This is to avoid a back flow. The special straight transverse part is used to supply 2-tiles ahead only. There are also 4-, and 6- tiles tranverse versions for 3-way and straight supply corridors. Transverse parts serve to bridge either gabs or prevent connecting to other crossing lines. NOTE: The supply corridors which feature ranged transfers (transverse), visible via arrows (at the top) in blueprint mode, do not transfer directly to parts connected to them in the arrow's direction!

The supply corridor parts do not work unless they are being feed with supplies at some point in the network. In order to supply them use Pump Node, Plasma Node or Antimatter Node. These corridors also feature an automatic fire suppression system. When the fire suppression system is engaged the supply network will be disrupted.

known issues with Cosmoteer 0.14.0 to 0.15.6a

  • The game's updating of proxies not perfect especially when removing or replacing a supply corridor leading to sections to randomly fail.
  • Building in mirror mode can also lead to failure on one side

Copy and pasting back a complete network section might fix the issue but failure could still persist or even relocate elsewhere. Reloading a ship in blueprint mode may fix the issue but failure could still persist or even relocate elsewhere.

Building recommendations

  • 0.5.3RC1 The system has a certain random amount of transfer loss, hence, its range is roughly about 6-8 tiles from the last supply source. Build supply stations along the network. No longer applies with 0.5.3RC2+.
  • Its supply range to parts is limited to adjacent parts. To reduce network size and complexity try to create groups of larger sized parts.
  • To save money use a mix of 4-way parts and transverse parts to cover distances.
  • Use transverse parts at end points to redirect the flow back into the network.
  • 4-way parts can be used to form compact loops by themselves with just one line. You only have to turn some in the right direction while considering the supply direction and end points. Likewise many loops can be created within just one line. This can help to loop power transfers while the network is suffering from supply shortage by reactors.

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