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The Torpedo Launcher was introduced in 0.5.3RC1 (formerly 0.5.1). It had always been planned since ever but multi ammunition use was not possible leading to the creation of the Torpedo Tubes using cannon ammo. As of 0.5.3RC1.2 it can be switched to use and fire different type of torpedoes.


The torpedo launcher is a weapon which can fire different kinds of torpedoes: photon-, quantum-, tricobalt- and transphasic torpedo. They are available on different technology levels. Aside from multi ammo it also has a multi firing mode: 1-shot, 3-shot-, 5-shot, 6-shot-, 10-shot-bursts. The burst modes may depend on the type of torpedo. The launcher requires torpedoes, batteries and anti-matter. Torpedoes are made by the Bulk Replicator and can be stored with the Torpedo Bay 20. When changing ammo, the game will automatically clean out the storage and any torpedo will be lost.


The change of ammo can be toggle by a UI button. The firing mode can be toggle by UI button.

Building recommendations

  • Like any spinal weapon it has a narrow firing arc and should be placed accordingly.


  • As of 0.5.3 RC4 in addition to burst firing modes the launcher offer various firing patterns
  • As of 0.6.2 the launchers would give a warning sound before firing.

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