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Part information


crew move speed:

Abh 0.7.2 WIP

DPS against shields:
DPS against hull:
DPS against armour:
area damage:
part power drain:
area power drain:
fire chance:

The Turret Ball Module was created and completed for 0.7.2 WIP. However, due to the creator's indecision whether to add it to Abh or the VariTech mod its release has been held back. It's a 3rd generation modular part of the modular turret system and can be plug and play with other modular turret parts.


The Turret Ball Module is a roof mounted turret. It's a "size class 1" modular turret module which serves as the base to attach other modular weapons or support parts within the modular turret system.


Just place it like any other roof turret. However, in order to use the modular system the surrounding space is needed to place weapons and or support module parts. It can only mount "size class 1" weapons. Depending on their mass up to 2 "size class 1" weapons can be mounted. Weapon modules must be placed in front or behind or they will not be mounted! Use blueprint mode to check for placement restrictions due to distance to other turrets. If the turret is destroyed all mounted weapons will be lost.

It requires power. Depending on the weapons module mounted it may require bullets and or missile parts.

Building recommendations

  • In order to use module parts leave surrounding space empty. At least one tile space is needed.

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