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Part information

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Added in Update:

Abh 0.7.2 WIP

The Turret Servo 1x1 was introduced in 0.7.2 WIP, RC1. It's a second generation modular design and first modular turret design to be released. It's compatible with 3rd generation modular design to be released at a later date.


The Turret Servo 1x1 is a buffing support part for use with modular turret modules like the Mass Driver Turret. It buffs the turret's turning speed.


It must be placed adjacent to the modular turret. Only then will it connect and buff the turret. See connection marker in blueprint mode. It gives a 2% buff to the turret. It requires nothing.

Building recommendations

  • In order to use the module at least one tile space must be free around the modular turret.

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