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Part information


crew move speed:

Abh 0.7.2 RC1

DPS against shields:
DPS against hull:
DPS against armour:
area damage:
part power drain:
area power drain:
fire chance:

The Variable Plasma Thruster was originally created for 0.7.2 WIP. A buff problem delayed a fix to 0.7.2 RC1 which was back updated. It's a part of the compound variable thruster system similar to the previous impulse drive system.


The Variable Plasma Thruster is a variable thruster for large ships.


Place it like any other thruster. It can be buffed by Plasma Driver parts.

It can be toggled to serve as a thruster along its length or toward the side. Toward the side would give a slightly larger thruster , hence, (+30%) thrust. It can be toggled to work in normal mode, boosted mode or in burst mode. Burst mode doubles normal thrust but requires a recovery time of 5 instead of 2. Overall, the thrust over time is the same as normal. This mode is for improving suddenly needed rotation thrust.

The thruster can be used for angled or diagonal design. In this case unlock its rotation by using the rotation lock button. Then target the ship's parts to angle the thruster. Afterwards, lock the thruster. If it remains unlocked the thruster would angled toward enemy ships.

The thruster's protective side covers can be toggled to be visible or invisible.

The thruster can merge with adjacent thrusters that have the same orientation. Vertical and Horizontal set thrusters will not merge. Vertical and Horizontal set thrusters can only be buffed by likewise set Plasma Drivers. Vertical and Horizontal set thrusters can be mixed or adjacent to each other.

It can be buffed like other thrusters with engine rooms, cooling systems, plasma injectors etc.

It requires power.

known issues with Cosmoteer 0.15.5 to 0.15.6a

  • Currently, for some reason the locked angled position doesn't get saved as supposed to.
  • Due to a buff bug a workaround is used to check for the buff which will cause the nozzle to keep moving when more than one Plasma Driver is used in the setup.
  • Due to a buff bug with variable buffing the amount of buff received will not show up.

Building recommendations

  • It best and most powerful when build together with Polywell Fusion Reactor, Plasma Driver, and other thruster buffing parts.


  • Abh 0.7.2 RC2 aside from the designed auto-variable and angle-able nozzle and existing nozzle blade options new aesthetic nozzle options have been added. The six new graphical options allows to turn them on and combine the left, right and mid section to form the nozzle's appearance on the roof (only visible from the outside) for a total of only 7935 possible combinations. A few hundreds more of combinations could be made available but no decision was made to add them.

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