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Added in Update:

Abh 0.7.2 WIP

The Variable Wing Thruster Shoulder was originally created for 0.7.2 WIP. However, due to the creator's indecision whether to add it to Abh or the VariTech mod its release has been held back. It's a part of the modular wing system. There are Left and Right variants.


The Variable Wing Thruster Shoulder is a base for attaching modular wing parts to form swing wings. There are Left and Right variants. It's a small thruster.


It must be placed on the periphery of the ship. The half sphere section must be facing outward. See blueprint mode for the movement direction similar to thrusters for orientation. The first modular wing part must be directly connected to it on its top. Prioritize connecting modular wing parts first on top, then toward the end depending on the side variant used.

Note: Two wings must never touch each other on the grid! You can do but if possible avoid expanding the wing toward the front.

The wing's angle can be locked or unlocked. To angle the wing you can target the ship's own parts. The movement arc is limited to 90 degrees from side to back. The wing will not angle when the game is paused. You have to unpause the game for them to move into position. After they are in position you can lock them into place. If the wings are not locked then they will move and change their angle relative to enemy ships.

When connected to Variable Wing Thruster Segments, they will buff the thruster.

It requires power.

Building recommendations

  • You can build temporary structure to use them for targeting and angling the wing.

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