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The Warp Coils were introduced in 0.5.3RC1 (originally 0.5.1). Other sizes will be available in time.


The warp coil is a buffing part which can be buffed. It requires the Nacelle Control Room and tech level specific control room. It requires batteries. It can be buffed by a Plasma Injector. It buffs the warp's range and efficiency. Currently these are not supported yet by the game. It also buffs impulse thrusters.

As of Abh 0.7.2 the warp coils are in two parts. They are setup similar to vanilla railgun. The warp coil 2A is the external and main functional part. Only one 2A section is needed in one set. The warp coil 2B part is the equivalent to an accelerator and buffs increasingly with each one added. The Nacelle Control Room only buffs the 2A section as long as it's placed adjacent up to a distance of 50 tiles. This is to prevent spamming and to comply with Star Trek lore.


Simply place it. No extra care is needed.

Building recommendations

  • Place it in groups.
  • Using crew job assignment you can customize the main roof doodad light's color. As before, for effects you have to change the effect's light color via color option button.
  • You can adjust the appearance of the roof by using the various graphical button options. Only the external warp coil xA have additional extending roof options.


  • Abh mod 0.7.2 The 4x2 sized Federation and Klingon/Romulan warp coils have been removed and replaced by smaller modular warp coils
  • Abh mod The requirement for a Nacelle Control Room has been removed to support smaller ship building.
    • WIP1 automatic roof merging and adjustment has been removed in favor of customization. Crew job color assignments can be used to adjust main doodad light color.
  • WIP3 due to single warp coil exploits instead of indented nacelle warp coil arrangements, the warp coil buffing has been nerfed.