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Part information


crew move speed:


DPS against shields:
DPS against hull:
DPS against armour:
area damage:
part power drain:
area power drain:
fire chance:

The Wave Beam Compression Unit 2x2 was introduced in


Originally, it was an evolution of the Bio Convergent weapons systems (Bio Convergent Beam Loader, Bio Convergent Pulse Emitter, Bio Convergent Beam Emitter, Bio Convergent Lightning Emitter) for internal (roof) system similar to the Bioenergetic Beam but with of converging and tranferring beams. The development diverged into the tholian web shield system which resulted in the early shield array system (Shield Array Core, Shield Array Emitter) and the intriguing buff messaging and control system. Ultimately, vanilla made the beam system obsolete with the introduction of the Ion Beam Prism (Cosmoteer 0.14.10) a year later and the buffing transfer system with the Engine Room's power transfer (Cosmoteer 0.15.7). However, continuous demand and request revived the project. As previous problems in the creation of the system still exist the decision was made to simplify it by primary basing it on the ion prism system and add-on core features and abilities to support previous goals.


Currently, not all features are implemented. You can use it like ion beam prism but as a roof turret type of weapon. It requires the Ion Beam Emitter or the Mini Ion Beam Emitter to be powered in the same fashion as the Ion Beam Prism. The beams can be set to be below or above the part. The color can also be selected for now and may be freely selectable at a later point.

It will be able to interact with some other beam weapons like the Wave Motion Gun. At this point the details have not been finalized yet.

It has more power amplification than its smaller pendant the Wave Beam Compression Unit 1x2 and is equal to vanilla's Ion Beam Prism.

To support a railgun like setup, the part can buff each other when lined up and physically connected end to end.

Building recommendations

  • Use it like vanilla's Ion Beam Prism system.

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