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Armor is the low-cost alternative to using Shield Generators in Cosmoteer. Its purpose is to protect key sections of the ship by deflecting weapon fire via ablation.

As of Version 0.12.0, there are six types of armor pieces: one rectangle, one square, and four different wedge types. They are found under the Defenses panel during ship construction.
A screen shot showing the pieces of armor available for use in Cosmoteer (0.12.0 version shown). A combination of the pieces allows the construction of exotic shaped ships like the one above.

Armor is an economic alternative to Shield Generators in terms of crew allocation, power usage, and cost, but does have two drawbacks.

The first is that it increases ship mass, thereby reducing speed and maneuverability during flight.

The second is that armor, unlike shields, does not automatically regenerate and will wear down after repeated impacts to the same area. After battle, it will need to be repaired at cost.

Armor has a few major advantages. Its almost immune to electro bolts which can bring down shields in 7 shots. Cannons cannot penetrate which will deal massive damage to parts and start fires. It will greatly reduce blast damage taken. Here is a example to the right
Med cannon example.png
where the armor is being used as a blast shield. If the factories are destroyed they will explode inside a large radius. The armor will stop this explosion meaning everything besides the quarters will take minimal damage. Everything not protected by armor like the factory will take considerable damage. Armor does not stop fires from starting which will spawn on the other side.

Also shown right is the effect of armor in reducing explosion damage. The unarmored side is mostly gone this will destroy components, paths increasing travel time, potentially splitting a ship, and can cause chain reactions . The armored side has sustained moderate damage but is still intact. The armor it self is greatly damaged. A additional function of the armor is to prevent explosion in the first place.

Reactor explosion example.png

Armor Parts


A 1x1 tile part.


A 2x1 tile part.


A 1x1 tile part.


A 1x1 tile part.


A 1x2 tile part.

Name icon health mass (tonnes) cost (₡) notes
armor 4000 3 t 300
armor2 8000 6 t 600
armor_tri 1000 0.8 t 75
armor_wedge 2000 1.5 t 150
armor2_wedge 4000 3 t 300

Update History

Update 0.14.1
  • Increased armor penetration resistance from 5 to 7.
Update 0.12.11
  • Decreased weight of armor by 1/3.
Update 0.12
  • Added armor_tri and armor2_wedge
  • Every layer of armor now blocks 75% of area-of-effect damage from weapons and exploding parts.
Update ??
  • Decreased armor penetration resistance from 100 to 5.
Update 0.9.14
  • Added armor_wedge and structure_wedge