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Crew Icon.png
The Crew and its members are the lifeblood that run through a ship in Cosmoteer. They carry Plasma Batteries to sections of the ship that need power, reload weapons, man specific ship systems like the Small Laser Blaster and pilot the ship from the Control Room. The function and activity of the crew aboard a Cosmoteer ship is not unlike that onboard ancient sailing ships.

Crew Members.png
While the Control Room serves as a bridge on a Cosmoteer ship, there is no captain -- or ranks of any kind -- among the crew. They all look the same, though the group as a whole can have a custom uniform color set under the Paint option.

Each ship module in Cosmoteer requires an allocation of crew to operate. For example 1 crew is required to man a Small Laser Blaster, while a Large Cannon requires 2 crew.


Crew require rooms to stay in, and rooms are provided in the following formats:

  • Bunk.png The Bunk - two crew members share a room. Each bunk is one square high and two squares wide.
  • Quarters.png The Quarters - six crew members occupy a room two squares high and two squares wide.

Balancing the amount of crew needed to meet the supply-demand needs throughout the ship is a challenge, but there is a slider gauge to indicate how well that need is being met (shown below).

Crew Need Indicator.png

An important part of balancing crew is making sure you don't have too much. Crew get congested when they are too close. This isn't a problem with a small crew as they fix it quickly, but with bigger crews it becomes a problem. As of 0.12.10 crew have a base speed of 3.2. The speed factor for corridors is 1, for rooms it's .5, and for congestion it's .3.

Situation Speed
Corridor 3.2
Room 1.6
Congested Corridor .96
Congested Room .48

The congested room is under the assumption that the speed factors for rooms and congestion stack

Crew Squads & Roles assignments

As per request, Cosmoteer 0.15.0, 0.15.1 and 0.15.2 introduced the ability to assign crew squad (each crew quarter) to parts and setup roles, each with their specific priorities. With 0.15.2 it's possible to setup a supply chain.

Crew Customization

Cosmoteer 0.15.4 introduced crew customization for uniform, skin color, hair style and color.


The crew also serves to fight fire on board with fire extinguishers when available. However, long exposure to fire will kill crew members.

Update History

Update 0.15.7
  • Reduced cost from 1000 to 500.