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This is about certain design features that can be build into ships for various purposes.



This is a design that exploits AI targeting and weapon's firing arc. The forks or prongs are columns of armor and shield generators that are put right next to a weapon part to be protected. Usually, it's the ion beam. First specifically designed by Gillos.


This is a design which exploits AI targeting, missile, and blast effects. First specifically designed by Lafiel

As of Cosmoteer 0.14.10 structures no longer hinder or obstruct cannon shots, lasers, missiles or allied ion beams unless specifically targeted. This was made to balance and to allow ion beam prism to be build using structures.


This is a design mostly used at corners. It's more prevalent with a diagonal ship configuration.


This is a design used to control the crew's supplying tasks, path finding and prevent cascading explosions.


This is a convenience design to copy, past, and drop proven arrangements of parts. First specifically designed by H4zardZ1.

Thruster Box

This is a design that exploits prohibited area to minimize the space taken and internalize thrusters for protection.

Turret Hitbox

This design uses the weapon's turret hitbox as an invisible defense in an arrangement with other weapons to allow them to be protected while firing through the same gap formed in between. The laser blaster and electrobolt are usually used for this in conjunction with the ion beam.


Staggered Ion Beam (ion stagnator)

This design exploits the thin ion beam to shoot right past an ion beam staggered above and one tile to the side. This no longer works as it has been fixed since Cosmoteer 0.12/11.