Ion Beam

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Ion Beam
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Part information
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weapon, weapon_using_power







Crew movement speed:
Crew Requirements:


Ammo Usage:

1262.5 energy/second

Weapon Stats
DPS against Shields:


DPS against Hull:


DPS against Structure:




Added in Update:


The ion beam is powerful weapon able to deliver a consistent stream of damage. The only beam weapon in the game, it is highly accurate and strikes its target instantly. It is a fixed weapon, and thus cannot rotate its turret- The whole ship must rotate to aim it.



The ion beam is unique as it is a beam weapon. It deals 200 damage every 0.1 seconds. It deals 2000 damage per second against shields and parts, and 1500 against structure. It has a long range of 180, longer than most weapons in the game.


Effective operation of the ion beam requires just over 4 crew and 5/6 of a reactor. Here is a example battery
Ion bolt example.png
that can sustain fire indefinitely. Ion beams are ideal compartmentalized weapons- simply seal the ion beam shut with its reactor and crew. This improves the crew logistics, as the beam's crew won't leave and extra crew won't interfere with the operation. Armoring protects nearby parts from the reactor's explosion. Compartmentalization comes at the cost of being unable to use the remaining 1/6 of a reactor.

2 doors are recommended to prevent congestion. However the crew AI will sometimes use 1 door only and it can be sufficient. You should ensure sufficient power on the ship to effectively operate the beam, or it will waste your crew.


The ion beam itself is durable. However, it has no penetration resistance. This is a big issue as any cannon shot will just sail through it, causing fires and destroying corridors in the ship interior.

The weapon has no firing arc. Shown in the example is the maximum protection you can add to the 2 wide firing arc. With such a setup, only a direct shot will damage the ion beam. Increasing the length of this protection adds additional protection, however the effectiveness of additional protection quickly diminish beyond a certain point.

One way to use its lack of a firing arc to your advantage is to put it deeper into your ship. It will decrease the range but otherwise there are no downsides.


Update History


Update 0.15.7
  • Increased range from 200 to 300.
Update 0.14.10
  • The ion beam now has a width of 0.5 meters. The Ion Beam Emitter's no-build zone has been shortened by 2 tiles.
Update 0.14.8
  • The damage dealt by the Ion Beam now depends on the length of the beam.
  • At minimum range, the damage is unchanged at 2500/sec.
  • At maximum range, the damage has been nerfed from 2500/sec to 1500/sec.
Update 0.14.7
  • Range increased from 180 to 200.
  • Buffed damage from 2000/second to 2500/second.
Update 0.13.6?
  • Range increased from 120 to 180.
Update 0.12.11
  • Range reduced from 150 to 120.
Update 0.12.7
  • Range increased from 130 to 150.