List of Game Modes

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Bounty Hunter

  • Players are given a starting ship with which they must destroy enemy ships and collect bounty funds.
  • Funds are earned by destroying AI ships, more powerful enemy ships give more funds when destroyed.
  • Funds are used to purchase ship parts, hire crew, repair parts and purchase FTL fuel.
  • FTL fuel is used to travel between sectors.
  • Sectors contain various enemy ships of a certain difficulty, difficulties range from 'Amateur' to 'Vanguard'.
  • Ships have a sensor range (increased by sensor arrays), beyond which they are only able to detect enemy location rather than than detailed components.


  • Players are given unlimited funds.
  • No enemy ships spawn, however the player can spawn in ships using the 'ship library' button.
  • Alternatively, players may create a new ship using the 'new ship' button.
  • FTL fuel cannot be purchased, instead all ships have infinite fuel irregardless of the number of FTL Drives on the ship.
  • The entire map is revealed, removing the need for sensors.
  • Players can choose allegiances for any ship as well as set AI.