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Basic Replaceable Parts

Part Details
Corridor A 1x1 tile part.
Door An access point to parts.


Weapon DPS Details
Shields Parts/armor Structure
Small Laser 533 533 266 A turreted laser which takes up 2 blocks of internal space. Requires one crew to pilot; two to function properly. Uses energy as ammo.
Electrobolt 3600 200 150 A turreted energy weapon which does low damage but drains energy on hit. Uses a lot of energy to fire. Required minimum of one crewman; five for optimal operation.
Ion Beam 1800 1800 1200 A spinal weapon with a long range. Takes some time to gain full damage. Has no projectile; the damage will be applied instantly. Uses copious volumes of energy. Requires two crew to man.
Standard Cannon 1333 1333 667 Frontal arc cannon. Has penetration mechanics. Can start fires. High DPS. Requires ammo to function. One man crew.
Large Cannon 1600 1600 1000 Big brother of the standard cannon. Requires four ammo per shot. Massive penetration and damage. Requires two crew to function. Extremely slow tracking speed.
Missile Launcher See page Holy Grail of the new player. Very long range. Splash damage. Can fire three missiles simultaneously. Very expensive. Easy to destroy.
Railgun Differs with accelerators added A multi-part weapon that needs a loader, launcher and optional accelerators to function. Very high penetration and uses cannon ammo. Can be destroyed easily. Requires two crew.

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Template:Main:Munition Management

Munition Details
Ammo Factory Creates 2 ammo per second. Enough to support one and a half standard cannons. Explosive.
Ammo Storage Stores up to 18 shells. Explosive.
Missile Factory Produces missiles. Very expensive. Volatile.
Missile Storage Stores up to 3 missiles. Volatile.


Defense Details
Shield Generator Projects an arc in front of it. This arc will absorb damage. Consumes ludicrous amounts of power and requires crew on it.
Point Defense Destroys nearby enemy missiles. Very cheap.
Fire Extinguisher Allows a crewman to extinguish fires. Pretty much required for surviving penetration by a large, hard cannon.
Armor Takes reduced damage from incoming projectiles. Heavy. Extremely high health. High penetration resistance.



Part Details
Control Room Requires one crewman. Allows the ship to move and fire with coordination. If this dies, you might as well have no thrust. Expensive.
Small Thruster Tiny thruster. Cheap, light, low thrust.
Standard Thruster A double size tiny thruster. Has decent thrust and is easy to link to other thrusters.
Large Thruster Enormous 2x2 thruster. More difficult to link with different facing thrusters. More expensive. High thrust.
Huge Thruster Huge 3x3 thruster. More difficult to link with different facing thrusters. More expensive. Higher thrust.
2-Way Small Thruster Tiny thruster with adjacent nozzles. Cheap, light, low thrust.
3-Way Small Thruster Tiny thruster with nozzles on 3 sides. Cheap, light, low thrust.
FTL Drive Allows the ship to jump to other areas. Very expensive. Uses enough power to toast wet bread while active. Gives area of influence; blocks outside this influence lower efficiency.
Engine Room An engine room which increases the thrust and power consumption of adjacent thrusters by 75%.


Template:Main:Crew Quarters

Part Details
Bunk 2x1. Houses 2 crewmen. Inefficient, but cheap.
Quarters Stores 6 crew in a 2x2 space. More efficient than the bunk; use these when possible.
Conveyor Makes crew go fast in forwards direction. Slower in all other directions.


Template:Main:Power Management

Room Details
Reactor Produces 8 power. You need this. Expensive and volatile; trade-off between proximity to weapons and safety.
Storage Stores 15 energy cells. Less volatile and cheaper than reactors; can be used to keep reactors further from guns.


Part Details
Sensors Increases vision range. Most expensive block in game. Requires enough men to do a ritual.
Structure Nonphysical block. Very cheap. Crew can walk on it at a greatly reduced speed.
Explosive Charge It explodes upon activation causing the collateral damage.


Rubble 1

Rubble 2