Little-Known User Interface Features

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Control Groups

Control groups allow the use to quickly select and cycle through their weapons. A control group can be created by selecting the weapons(click on the weapons while holding Crtl+Shift) and then pressing Crtl+0-9 The control group can then be selected by pressing the corresponding button(0-9). Other selected blocks, such as armor, can be selected but are not added to the group.

If in creative mode ships from two different allegiances are selected, the weapons only from the first ship are added to the group.

When viewing the ships interior and hovering over weapons, a number, above the weapons health, shows which control group the weapon is apart of.

Buying FTL-Fuel

To easily but the needed amount of FTL-Fuel needed for a jump in Bounty Mode the following feature can be used:

If a system is selected and then the Buy FTL-Fuel menu is opened, the amount of FTL-Fuel needed for the jump is automatically selected.

Ship Focusing

As well as middle mouse-click, alt-clicking will also focus the view onto a ship.