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Welcome to the Official Cosmoteer Wiki! This is a community-maintained manual for playing and modding Cosmoteer.

You can explore the links below to get started:

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Official Events

Easter Eggs

Main article: Easter Eggs

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Updates and History

Main article: History

Developer's Blog

Contributing to this Wiki

Please feel free to create and edit pages that you think would be useful for other players. You may find "broken" links that are for pages that no one has actually created yet. Clicking on one of these links will let you create that page -- please feel free to do so! In order to create a new page, simply add such a "broken" link to an existing page and then click that link to create the page itself.

Cosmoteer has an official Discord Chat Server, in which there is a #wiki channel. Please feel free to join this channel to discuss editing and maintenance of this Wiki.