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Missile Laser
Part information
part ID:





weapon, weapon_using_missile


6 tonnes







crew move speed:


crew requirements:


ammo usage:

4 missile parts/missile

Weapon Stats
DPS against shields:
DPS against hull:
DPS against armour:
area damage:
part power drain:
area power drain:
fire chance:


A very powerful and expensive weapon, the missile launcher deals a large amount of splash damage, and it does not require line of sight to fire. Missiles will avoid friendly ships and will home in on the targeted enemy. While they can target a specific part like most other weapons, they are unlikely to hit the specified part. As of now, missiles have very simple guidance, and will fly straight at the enemy.



When a missile hits a shield, it deals 4800 direct damage to the shield and will deal splash damage to nearby blocks. Missiles deal 1200 damage to structural parts, and 1600 damage to any other parts within a radius of 6 blocks from the center of the missile. Armor will prevent splash damage from penetrating deep into the ship. A missile launcher has 3 tubes, each of which can contain a missile, and can fire all missiles at once or seperately.

The high structural damage and splash makes it by far the best weapon in the game to break apart a damaged ship. Other weapons (including cannons) can only damage 1 structure block at a time.

Dealing a total of 18835 damage.


Missiles have a lower DPS than other weapons, because they are limited by their very slow reload speed. Even with unlimited crew and factories, it caps out on DPS. The weapon requires up to 14 crew members while reloading. This will result in heavy congestion unless the ship is carefully designed, further slowing down reloading times. Stored missiles are very volatile, but empty storages do not explode. Even when missile storages are empty, the missile will attempt to reload, wasting crew.


Missiles have a major issue with reloading. It is impossible to get their fire rate to maximum[clarify]. They consume up to 14 crew when reloading. A measured estimation of the fire rate is one missile every 1.5 second using 2 missile factories on either side, while a theoretic reload rate based on one adjacent missile factory, and always congested, is one missile every 3 seconds.

The amount of crew a missile launcher uses varies, as it does not reloaded evenly- if 9 missile parts are already loaded, only 3 will attempt to reload.

It is best to compartmentalize missile launchers due to their intense crew usage.


Missiles are fragile. They have low HP, little penetration resistance, and will explode upon death.

Because missiles do not require line of sight to fire at enemies, they can be mounted on the sides of ships. This allows for them to be more protected than they would be if mounted directly on the front of a ship. However, placing missiles on the side of a ship will slightly reduce their range, as they are not at the very front of the ship. If the ship is particularly wide they may not fire at all.

Missiles can curve around your ship. However, if your ship moves it will hit them.

The example battery is capable of sustained fire of missiles. It is best to compartmentalize missile launchers due to their high crew usage.
Missile example.png

Missile Types

There are 4 missile types, High Explosive, EMP, Nuke, and Mines, all with their respective factories. High Explosive Missiles are your standard missiles, they do decent damage, and they seek and destroy. EMP missiles don't do much damage, but instead drain power from a large AOE (area of effect). They also seek and destroy. Nukes are Dumbfire Projectiles, which means that they do not seek ships, like other projectiles. However, they do massive amounts of damage. Finally, Mines. Mines are launched by the launcher, and stay in that position. when a ship comes to close, it will explode with "shrapnel" which acts like Large Cannon projectiles.